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I’m sure a lot of you have heard about bloggers putting skin care products in the refrigerator, using ice, or even cold spoons on their faces. I personally put the skincare I can in my refrigerator to give me the extra help it needs before I get ready in the morning. So many people would probably call me crazy, but I try and put as many products as I can in the refrigerator. And before I bought myself a mini one just for my room, I used to shove everything in Ziploc bags in a drawer my mom gave me in our kitchen refrigerator…and she didn’t mind doing that because she likes to use my products as well. As much as I didn’t mind that, I saw one of my favorite bloggers, Sivan Ayla use a mini fridge to put her skincare products in and I was like okay I’m sold I need one! So that’s when my skincare game went up a notch.A18C3AC5-EC05-47AB-9961-DC9089696736Here’s what goes inside of my mini fridge: I put face, sheet, and eye masks in there. Eye creams to eye serums(of course, the ones I can). But the best part of my skincare routine is my rose quartz roller and gua sha. I must say my skin definitely thanks me for this extra step in my routine.

On to the trendiest, old school, mini fridge a girl or guy can have. I bought mine from for $39, but after taxes and shipping it totaled to $48 (unnecessary) lol. To start using it, you have to follow the simplest instructions, put it in an area that has proper ventilation, plug it in, and flip a switch. Badabing badaboom! And wow does it get cold fast. The most obvious thing I’ve noticed was that since it’s a much smaller place for my products, they can get so much more colder, and in turn help my skin that much more. I payticularly love that it has a shelf, so I can put face tools on the top and skincare products on the bottom.C165E6DC-0948-444C-89BE-9761C841B4F3

What does cold skincare do for my skin:

Rose quartz roller
Well every morning, your girl needs to de-puff areas from her undereyes to her neck. I use cold rollers on my face in the morning because they help me look more awake, especially when I use them under my eyes. I like to use facial rollers with a smaller end under my eyes when I apply cold eye patches. This just helps roll more product into them. When there is more product going into my dark circles, this helps de-puff, decrease fine lines, and hydrate them. Also, this allows concealer to sit nicely. It also helps calm down my skin when I’m breaking out, or when my skin is irritated. Another reason to use the roller is for when you get headaches. You can roll it on your forehead and temples to soothe the pain.

Gua Sha
I use the Gua Sha after I apply my serums so my skin can be hydrated, plump, and it helps combat premature fine lines. It also helps with lymphatic drainage, which means this is bringing back elasticity and firmness back into my skin. This gives my face a less puffy, and more bright complexion. The Gua Sha can be used for facial muscle tension because some people carry stress in their forehead, or could just be having any kind of pain(and/or sunburn), and this would help relieve it. But the best part about using these cold facial tools is that they help me relax and de-stress, and that’s very necessary for my self care.774438CE-A7BE-48A3-AC57-E3B2E9EB7303

Other Products
I have to say this has been a game changer for me because as someone who enjoys skincare more than makeup (I do like that as well don’t get me wrong), when your skin is looking good, makeup can sit so much better on your face. So to make a point, I use eye creams, sheet, and cream masks all cold to keep my skin looking and feeling hydrated, refreshed, and de-puffed from my sleep. I love how they can help me glow whether I put makeup on or not.

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