My new products en route to: Spring & Summer.

I can happily say that warmer spring weather is here, and I’m going to be sharing many products that are new for me with these seasons approaching. In this post however, I’m only sharing my latest finds that I’ve been really wanting to try, and I plan on doing reviews on all of these in separate blog posts… and fingers crossed, they make it through both seasons. I chose to do separate blog posts for majority of these products because it will allow me to go in depth about them. I want to write honest reviews about everything I try on my skin because it can be really helpful for all of you.

My latest new products include skincare and makeup that go hand in hand.I say that because when I payticularly have good skin, my makeup has a better canvas to sit on. Now I’m going to have to say that these products are not new at Sephora, Ulta or any drugstore, but they are new in my routine.

Skincare has been a big deal for me lately because I have been having bad breakouts on the left side of my face, and adult acne is not fun by any means. I’m not just trying to fight acne, but also under eye bags, and early fine lines. But that’s why I have started to invest in products I hope to enjoy, and hopefully can help my skin get better with time.IMG_3873My latest new purchases are from Sephora.Com and I’m sure a lot of you have heard of both of these brands: Summer Fridays and Peter Thomas Roth. For me, they are quite new and I’m so excited to try them, and see what they do for my skin. I plan to review that back for you gals. Also, I do have to read a lot about products because I have very sensitive skin, and I don’t want any bad reactions if you know what I mean.

Once my skincare is all settled, I love to apply makeup because a good skin care routine allows me to apply makeup really well, and keeps my skin healthy after I remove my makeup as well. So I decided it was time to try some new makeup that I’ve actually heard good things about. With my sensitive skin, it tends to be a combination of oily and dry, but more so oily. So in the summer, I need products that can withhold the warmer temperature. That’s why I hope the It Cosmetics CC Cream and the LA Girl pro setting powder together can create a base for me that doesn’t slip or slide after I apply it.IMG_3874

These are some of the products I will be testing and reviewing for all of you to tell you if they can stand up to what they claim, as well as how my skin reacts to each one. I just love when I buy new products because honestly, it’s like being a kid in a toy store…But both are fun in their own age. LOL! So I hope I can love these products, and take them into my favorite seasons, and I’ll keep you gals posted.

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