My Comfort Zone.

If I’m being honest, lately I’ve been having a lot of trouble getting out of my comfort zone. By that, I mean I was never one to really have a routine until the last two years of my life. When I was in college, I was more of a go with the flow kind of girl, and one who never had a routine besides my class schedule. Since I had no routine, during the week, I was able to be more free and relaxed. No day ever felt the same, and I really like that because I got to experience so many new things. IMG_3723But lately, that hasn’t been the case for me. I’m not trying bad mouth having a routine, but the one thing I noticed for myself is that I’ve gotten myself into a comfort zone that doesn’t allow me to feel as open and free as I used to feel. I always try to keep my weekends open because as a 24 year old with a career, I’m still payticularly young. (in my opinion) I have so many dreams and goals besides just going to work, working out, trying to balance a social and personal life, which all just feels so repetitive.IMG_3724IMG_3726I don’t mind it, but I want everyday to feel like a new experience for myself, and not just me doing things because I have to do them… Because their is no fun in that. Like I said, I have many goals and one of them, I’m trying to achieve right now. And that is letting go of my comfort zone because that will not allow me to reach my highest potential.IMG_3725

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