February Favorites

The month filled with roses and chocolates to give to anyone you love is officially over, so I’m back to talk about my favorite products that I’ve been reaching for more and more. I would say February is not one of my favorite months only because I hate the weather that comes with this it in Philly. It’s always so cold and snowy, and payticuarly I don’t do well with that weather. But I got through it staying warm, and I’m so ready for spring to arrive ASAP! Anyone else with me on that?

Skincare: Dr. Bronner 18-IN-1 Hemp Lavender Pure-Castile Soap
I feel I will always have something in this category every month because I like to try skin care products more than makeup. I also feel if the product doesn’t work for me, my mom or younger sister can always use it because we all enjoy taking care of our skin a lot. But this time around I actually have a body wash that has 18 plus uses. I’m sure you’ve heard of Dr.Bronner products. Well if not, I’m here to tell you about this amazing body wash that I got from Whole Foods for $11.99 (sale price). I have the 32 oz. bottle and the main reason I bought it was because of how clean the ingredients were. It was really necessary for me to try out a body wash that had clean, organic ingredients because I have the most sensitive skin, and I need products that won’t cause any irritation to my body or face. I try to avoid products that have so many different fragrances and added glitter or exfoliation beads because those items make my skin red and itchy. This soap, however, has 11 ingredients to be exact, and some of those include lavender and lavandin oils to help calm you down while taking a shower. I’m all here for that because I LOVE a relaxing essential oil. So remember this has so many purposes: face, body, hair wash, laundry detergent, dishes… those are just to name a few. So far, I give this product a huge thumbs up because it has not irritated my skin at all, and I even use it with my shampoo because it helps make my hair nice and smooth. Plus, it smells so good after! And now I can’t wait to try out their other scents.
Where to buy: DrBronner.com, Target,Whole foods

Makeup: Glossier Boy Brow ( in Brown) 
I know I’m super late to the game with this eye brow product, but “Better late than never” is all I have to say. Let me tell you I’m so glad I did try this little $16 eyebrow product. Why? Because it fills in my brows so naturally, and keeps them in place without flaking off. I’ve tried my fair share of eyebrow gels, but this formula is so much creamier. It makes my eyebrows look full without looking overdone. Now I won’t lie, I don’t need to use a lot of this product anyway, so I just fill in some sparse areas in the front sections of  my brows, and then lightly go over the other parts to just set the hairs. I love to use it when I want a quick makeup look because I can set my brows, and forget about them. And I feel reassured that they won’t move out-of-place during the day.
Where to buy: Glossier.comIMG_3596

Hair Accessory: Sincerely Jules By Scunci Wavy Bobby Pins
Hair clips are back, and this is a trend I don’t want to see disappear for a while. Hey even if it does disappear, I will still be wearing them. Why? Because my inner 9-year-old is screaming with joy. I used to love wearing every hair clip, bow, and headband known to mankind. I would match them with my outfits, and loved creating new hairstyles everyday with my hair accessories. Now I get to do exactly the same thing, but the clips and headbands are more age appropriate. That’s why I’m so glad Sincerely Jules did this collaboration with Scunci, a brand I’ve been using for many years. Her accessories are perfect for brunch or a night out to dress up your hair. I recently bought the mixed metal wavy bobby pins, which come in sliver, rose gold, and gold. There is a total of six, and I can’t stop wearing them. They go perfectly with any outfit, and I like mixing two different metal colors to add a little something extra. They keep my thick black hair in place, and don’t slip and slide like other bobby pins do.
Where to buy: Target.com

Clothing: Cropped Sweaters 
You know I never thought I would get into cropped sweaters, but they can be much more flattering to wear in the winter time, and even when it’s still a little chilly during spring nights. I like to have a variety of colors in cropped sweaters, so I can wear them with all different styles of pants and midi skirts. I also feel you can wear them to college, work, out to dinner…pretty much anywhere you would like.
Where to buy: AmericanEagle.com (Blue & Pink) AmericanEagle.com (Charcoal)

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