Why Blogging?

A lot of people I’m close with, whether that be family, friends, or co-workers don’t really understand what “Blogging” means or why I enjoy sitting on my laptop and writing… or doing more work after/during work. Well, the answer is simple. I get to write about anything and everything I payticularly love. And when you’re passionate about something, it never really feels like extra work.6D697009-518F-4BFA-A99F-E9C8382BA67F

How I discovered blogging
I came across blogging many years ago when I discovered SomethingNavy aka Arielle Charnas. Her blog made me want to create my own, and granted I didn’t start until 2 years after I found her’s. I was in my sophomore year in college when I took that leap. Why? Because I was always afraid no one would ever find me interesting, and that led to a lack of confidence in myself. I would just sit and write different types of posts, and take pictures of my favorite outfit or my everyday skin care routine, but I would never ever upload them. I would re-read all of them thinking wow these are good, but not good enough. But I realized in college how I  started to enjoy reading more and more bloggers content, and thought hey everyone writes different things, and they aren’t phased by what other people are thinking about them. So that’s when I decided I’ll actually publish my own blogposts.IMG_3216

So that’s when Payticular started. Myself being Payal, and everyone always said I was definitely particular with my fashion, choice of words, and lifestyle. But it wasn’t what I thought it was going to be. I started my blog on Google blogger because I thought that’s where everyone started their blogs, but little did I know there were so many different websites you could use to create your own blog. Since I noticed Google blogger wasn’t working for me, I went to WordPress and started the actual Payticular. I knew my first couple posts wouldn’t be anything special, or even attract any readers. But that moment of pressing publish felt special for me because I knew I had found a hobby that I enjoyed more than I ever thought I would. I say this because I was not the girl in english class that was ever excited to write a paper, and my grammar still sucks…But hey, I can work on that. And now, I totally enjoy writing. Of course, it has to do with things I actually like, but that’s what Payticular is all about. I want to be a part of trends, but not remain a trend. By that I mean I want to try new things in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle world, but if they aren’t payticularly my style, I don’t feel the need to have them on my blog. Also, I’m a girl who loves a new pair of high heels, but also loves to watch sunday night football. I have many hobbies, but my favorite one has to be the start of Payticular.DE3F2379-37BA-4B18-8615-4319C5B676C5

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A business gal who lives the fashion side of life.

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