January Favorites.

Yup that’s right, you guys guessed it. I’m back for another blog post favorites, and I’m not going to lie, I’m payticularly obsessed with writing these. One of the reasons I enjoy these posts is that I get to look back on these favorites that I truly love. So let’s say one day when either myself or someone I know is in need of  a meditation practice. I can direct them to  my favorite YouTube fitness guru who has the perfect meditation for everyday situations. This is just one reason I love blogging. The other is that I can share all of the items I enjoy using with you guys. And if you just so happen to be interested in them, you can try them out for yourself.

Skincare: Facial Rolling
Facial rolling has become my new favorite part of my skincare routine, and I don’t ever want it to go away. I’m not going to get into too much detail about my facial rolling experience only because I’ve dedicated an entire blog post to it, and you guys can read it here: Payticular.com. I included facial rolling in my January favorites because I find besides helping my skin, my rose quartz roller has also been helping me relax when I include it in my night-time routine. I love that about this roller because it’s perfect before bedtime. So my sleep and skin can thank this facial roller.
Where to buy: Amazon.comIMG_3272

Makeup: Maybelline Total Temptation Mascara
I’m not usually the one to buy waterproof mascara, but I’m definitely the girl who loves a Maybelline mascara. I have always gravitated towards Maybelline mascaras since I was 12. I want to say I’ve tried all of them from The Great Lash to the Colossal cat eyes and now to the Total Temptation, I feel I’m never disappointed. Granted, I used all of their mascaras at different stages of life because I didn’t need huge voluminous lashes in sixth grade, but now I desperately desire those. I feel that’s exactly what I get from this mascara, and I always buy mascara in Very Black or Blackest Black because I naturally have very dark lashes. But like I said, I never buy waterproof mascara and this time around CVS only had this mascara in waterproof, so I was like well why not try it. I can say the mascara does not flake off on me for sure, and the curl + volume lasts all night for my lashes… and for a grand total of $9.00, I have found my new favorite drug store mascara. That always sounds like a win.
Where to buy: CVS , Target, Wal-Mart , Your local grocery store, Maybelline.com

Lifestyle: The Happy Planner
2019: New Year, New Me. Am I right ladies! Well I’ve always been into excel spread sheets because I’ve been using them since high school, all throughout college, and now at work. But a few months ago, I just hated that I would go to work and look at spread sheets and come home and have all of my home stuff, work, bills, insurance, and more all organized in them. That’s when I decided it’s time to organize, but with a planner and fun stickers because I’m a sticker obsessed girl. LOL! So I headed over to Joann, and bought The Happy Planner, which I am in love with it btw. I love the feeling of being organized, but also writing down my plans for home and going out separately. I feel there is space for everything, and I love being able to write down my plans with different pens and stickers. This honestly motivates me to get more things done…Might sound weird, but it’s always the little things that help me!
Where to buy: Jo-ann, Target, Michael’s, & Bed Bath & Beyond (Also you can use coupons in a lot of these stores expect Target)


Miscellaneous: Gals On The Go Podcast 
Well I knew it wouldn’t be long before I became obsessed with another podcast, so here I am ready to talk about Gals On The Go. I’m payticularly into podcasts that are relatable and motivating, and that’s exactly how I feel about this one. The creators behind it are two YouTubers: Danielle Carolan and Brooke Miccio. And yes, I do watch a lot of YouTube because I love it more than Netflix. On their podcast, they talk about a wide range of things from their college life, to working out, how to balance relationships(no matter what kind), and how to be productive… I mean they are the gals on the go right?!? Whenever I listen to them, it always feels like a group of gals in a conversation, and I just get so into it that I start answering them, and forget I’m in the car on my way to work.
Where to Listen: Itunes & Spotify


























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