img_2990I’m officially 24 today and not looking back at 23. It definitely had its ups, but more so downs, and nobody wants that from their “Jordan Year”. I’m not the person who looks at birthdays and gets scared that they’re getting a year older. Instead, I look at my birthdays and always think about what I did in that year that made me truly happy. In 23, there wasn’t much that made me feel so great, and I don’t want that for my 24th year. Personally, I feel since my birthday is in the first month of a new year I do feel pressured to have a New Year’s resolution to keep up with, like getting more mature as I start to get older. But I’m not allowing any of that to get in the way this year because I payticularly believe in manifesting a great year for myself. Of course nothing is perfect, but I want to find ways to have more positive “problems” than negative ones if that makes any sense. So shoutout to my other Aquarius’s I hope you have a GREAT year and birthday month!snapseedI mean who doesn’t LOVE a plate full of baked goods on their birthday am I right?

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