Facial Rolling.

Facial rollers… my gosh does my face LOVE them. I mean that is the point, right? There are so many different varieties and brands to choose from, but I’m a girl on a budget at the same time, so Amazon is the place I went to to find really good quality rollers. I read a ton of reviews, and then picked two that payticularly sounded the most promising to me.

Ice Roller
Brand:Anself $10.99 (This specific one is sold out on Amazon but there are so many other brands to choose from.)
The purpose of this roller is very versatile in the sense that you can use it on your face and body. The best way I have found to use it is to take the steel roll and put it in a Ziploc bag, and store it away in the refrigerator. Literally my mom gave me an entire compartment for my skin care, and I store way too many products in there now.img_5491

I make sure my face is freshly washed, and that I have no product applied to it yet. Then I start rolling my face, but not back and forth because no one needs to tug on their skin to create fine lines. There are tons of YouTube videos to watch tutorials on facial rollers and from there, I have found the way I enjoy using mine. I start near my lips and go outwards to my ears, but I don’t roll my ears. I keep rolling my cheeks on both sides, then move onto my forehead, and roll from my eyebrows to my hairline. Lastly, I go up from the neck to my chin. This roller is perfect to use while drinking coffee or catching up on emails because you can depuff your face, calm down any acne, and fight early wrinkles from the comfort of your kitchen.

2 in 1 Rose Quartz Roller and Gua Sha
Brand: KaDelina $19.99 Amazon.com
What can’t I say about this roller if I’m being honest. I had heard so many things about Rose Quartz and Jade rollers, so I wanted to get in on the fun too! The kit that I purchased from Amazon actually came with a rose quartz roller and a gua sha. Now I haven’t tried this facial tool yet because there are specific ways to use it, but when I get around to it, I will include it in a post. But for now, this roller does exactly what it’s supposed to. It helps firm my skin elasticity, provides oxygen to it, and soothes any inflammation during this weather because I’ve been using the central heat.


Since there are two sides, I use the larger side for my cheeks, forehead, chin, and neck. Then, I use the smaller side for my under eyes and lip area because those areas require a little bit more gentle care. The way I use the ice roller is the same way I use this roller, except for my under eyes and lips. I gently roll out early fine lines and my crows feet area to depuff before I apply any eye products. For the lip area, I always work around smile lines because I LOVE to smile and I hope everyone does. I honestly don’t consider those a problem, but I gently roll from my lip to my cheeks on both sides. I use this roller at night for more of a relaxing me time as well. Since I like to use the smaller end in the morning, I always make sure to keep my tools refrigerated. This is my go to for my under eyes because those are the first thing that always show how tired I am! Anyone else with me?? But all in all, this rose quartz roller really gets the job done for me.img_5558

How I clean the rollers:
Honestly, my ice roller and rose quartz roller don’t really get dirty because I use them before I put any product on, but hygiene is still key. When I do clean them, I just use some warm water, a towel, and my everyday face wash. Also, another important note is that I don’t put them directly under the sink, instead I just clean them with all the products on a clean towel. After I pat them dry, I stick them in Ziploc bags, and refrigerate them for the next morning.

Do any of you have holy grail facial tools you like to use everyday?

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