December Favorites.

December has come and gone, and I’m back to do a round-up of my 5 favorites of the month. This time around, my favorites categories have remained the same because I was really into similar items as November. I’m not someone who drastically changes my makeup or hair every month because I’m a creature of habit when I need to be… because when I get payticularly comfortable with something in my skin care routine I’m not getting rid of it just yet.

Skincare: Vitamin E Oil
So recently I’ve been really into the Trader Joe’s vitamin e oil. For $3.99, it really helps the dry winter skin. I’m usually not one to put any type of oil on my face because I already have the oiliest of skin types, but I just use a little on my face and hands. The biggest thing I’ve noticed it helps with is my discoloration, dehydrated skin, and it keeps my hands nice and smooth. So if you need any help in those areas, a trip to Trader Joe’s is so worth it.
Where to buy: Trader Joe’simg_2889

Makeup: Tarte Amazonian Clay Airbrush Foundation
I’m someone who has always been into powder foundation 1) because it’s always lightweight. 2) Liquid foundation never sits well with my oily skin, and honestly I just hate carrying setting powder with me. The foundation is vegan, waterproof, and a 12-hour wear. Personally, I don’t find it to be a 12-hour wear, but it definitely lasts up to around 8 hours. But it’s because I have very oily skin and I have a hard time finding foundations that last that long. I repurchased this foundation again because I always wore it in college, and I personally really like the matte full coverage aspect…plus, it’s more on the natural side.
Where to buy: TarteCosmetics.comUlta.comSephora.comMacy’s.comimg_2888

Clothing: Cozy Sweaters
Okay, if you asked me three years ago if I liked wearing sweaters, I would’ve said no to any kind of sweater! Why? Because I immediately got this itchy feeling after putting them on and boy was I so wrong about thinking that ALL sweaters were like that. This winter, all I want to do is live in cozy but cute sweaters all day. I now buy so many different kinds that work for going out, and ones that I can wear inside the house when I’m just having a chill day. Sweaters are becoming a real staple in my wardrobe and I’m totally cool with that, especially during the colder months.
Where to buy: (current favorite) AmericanEagle.comimg_2735

Lifestyle: Meditation
I know this one probably sounds super cliché, but I’ve always been into meditation. Before, I was always on and off and never taking it so seriously. As of lately, I like to turn on my Himalayan salt lamp and pull up my favorite meditation practice and be still for just 10 minutes and let my mind not wander off. I struggle with always seeing the positive side of certain situations, so when I can, I just turn off and exhale my problems for even a few minutes a day. I just instantly feel calm. I know meditation isn’t for everyone, but for me, practicing good mental health is just as important as keeping my body healthy.
Where to buy: (Himalayan Salt Lamp)

Miscellaneous: 2018 Coming to an End
I know this one sounds really dramatic, but I have to say 2018 was a very hard year for me. I faced problems I had never dealt with before and everything just seemed to domino affect one after another. I really had to “GROW UP” in 2018. And I put quotes around those words because I always knew I was fairly mature for my age, but I always stick with the quote “young at heart” because I never want to grow up beyond my age. I want to say 2018 was hard, but if you asked me what was the best thing I took from it? I learned A LOT! The mistakes and problems helped me figure things out I thought I would be figuring out in my late twenties or early thrities. With that being said, I’m grateful for knowing what I know now so that in 2019, I can be prompted to write 2019 was a good year, and that I don’t want it to end.
No where to buy, just have to look for new positive beginnings.

Hope you all have a GREAT New Year!  ~XO (Pay)al

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