Three things that keep me motivated.

In life, it can be so easy to feel unmotivated. For me currently besides work, I enjoy blogging. Whether it be about fashion or lifestyle, I just love to write and take pictures regarding those areas of interest. However, sometimes I feel very unmotivated after I come home from work to start working on my blog because well personally, it’s because all my energy has been drained at work…AND that’s not an excuse to follow your dreams.

So recently, I’ve just been paying attention to three areas of my life that help me stay on the right track regarding my writing up a storm here on the blog.

First off my younger sister, Forum. She is the one behind the pictures and the grammar editing. And if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t even be able to do these blog posts. Why? Because we come up with ideas together on how to always make our next post better than the one before. She allows me to write a bunch of blog posts, and then she edits away to make everything flow together…because I payticularly struggle in the grammar department. But it’s not only the grammar she helps with. She also sees the potential in me that others don’t, and she knows EVERYTHING about me from my weaknesses to my strengths. Her everyday quotes she sends me just help push me to further something I’m really passionate about.IMG_2778.jpg

I know this just seems so basic, but after work, one thing I try to do at least three to four times a week is workout. Whether that means going to the gym or working out at home. When I do my workouts, I always follow Tone It Up and Rebecca Louise, who are my two favorite YouTube fitness channels. Why? Because they motivate you as you workout. They tell you to smile while doing squats and to take out your stress in an upper cut. Doing this allows me to have a fresh mindset and makes me feel good with a little sweat.

The feeling I get after writing a blog post and just sitting back an rereading it is so satisfying. Once I get started on a post, I can just keep writing. And for me, if that isn’t the biggest motivation, then I don’t know what is. If every time I started writing and it didn’t feel right, then I would know I’m not meant to have a blog. But it’s exactly the opposite. My draft box sits full with different posts because once I write one, I just bounce off of that and gain more ideas. These ideas just come so naturally. And when I’m done writing one, I become motivated to jump into another post. This platform allows me to feel like I’ve found something I truly enjoy doing.IMG_2766

What do you guys use to motivate you to follow your dreams? I would love to know!

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