Podcast Frenzy.

OMG!!! I know I’m super late to the podcast game, but like they say “better late than never”. I have become obsessed with podcasts, and I can’t stop listening to them to the point where I don’t need music at the gym. I actually prefer to listen to girls who are empowering one another because to me, nothing makes me feel more motivated than that! My favorite three podcasts in no payticular order (because they are all equally amazing) are: Girl Get Real, Pretty Basic, and The Target Girl. If you guys are into podcasts, I would definitely give these three a listen, and you can find them on iTunes. So go ahead have yourself a listen.

Girl Get Real: The super cool girls behind this podcast are Katrina and Allie, and honestly I just want to have a girls day with them and drink some wine. Whenever I listen to their podcast, I just feel like I’m in the room with them and they are literally saying everything that is on my mind, but sharing it with the world. They have a great variety of episodes where they talk about how to have a healthy lifestyle, life motivation to follow your dreams, and to just LOVE yourself because all of these things are key for a healthy and happy life at least for me. That’s why if I’m being REAL, go listen to them if you are in any type of funk.
Where to listen: iTunes and SpotifyIMG_2589Pretty Basic: I have always been more of a Youtube watcher than Netflix, but don’t get me wrong, I love both. Two of my favorite youtubers are Alisha and MissRemiAshten, and they also happen to be the brains behind this podcast. I enjoy watching their videos, but listening to them on their podcast gives you more of a raw connection with them. They make creative videos, but you get to hear how much effort and work goes into their job. And it makes me respect youtubers who work so hard. They talk about all kinds of life situations whether that be boy drama , or weight loss journey, and they just make me feel like I’m not the only one who goes through these issues. They share their way of handling everyday problems, and discuss parts of their creative job. Basically, they make you feel like you can do anything you want as long as you ignore the haters.
Where to listen: iTunes, Google Podcast, SpotifyIMG_2590The Target Girl: Okay, if you feel at home when you step into Target, then you need to listen to this podcast created by Lauren Lebouef. Of course, she talks about the best place on earth: Target and all the new products, sales, and great guests who have products at Target. Her podcast has so much to offer: relationship, life, and target advice, which I’m all here for. All the guests she has on her podcast are all so different in their own way. The conversations she has with them vary from health, entrepreneurship, family, and so much more. These conversations helped me hear how everyone’s life is very different, and that how you handle certain situations is all up to you and your mindset. So do yourself a favor, and go have a The Target Girl run!
Where to listen: iTunes

For me, my music playlist is currently on pause and my podcast library is on repeat. I love listening to these podcasts because of how motivating they are. And when I listen to something that’s meant to empower me, I can conquer so much more on a daily basis.

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