The Uniform for Autumn: Plaid & Corduroy

I always love having some staple pieces to wear every season that fit perfectly with the weather and colors of the changing leaves. Payticularly in the autumn time, I like to wear plaid and just recently I started to get into corduroy again. And I’ve completely forgotten how soft and comfy the fabric can be.IMG_2169I have to say all the pieces of this outfit work so well together, but also look really good worn separately with other clothing items. For me, flannel tops can sometimes look too baggy, and not so flattering, but this one I love. I bought this top IMG_2167from They have so many different, yet fun styles of plaid tops on their website, and I can’t wait to check out more for myself. These tops are actually called “Ahhmazingly soft”, and I can completely vouch for that name because they really are. I also prefer this style shirt because you can wear it tucked in, tied, or just the way it is. Also, the best part is if you guys like plaid shirts, the one I’m wearing plus other colors are on sale for $29.99 from $44.95!I have to say, wow. I was totally missing out on not getting back on track with corduroy material items, and if you aren’t on track either, you need to hop on the train. Personally, I think the material is so soft and warm, which is perfect for the breezy, fall weather. But also, I feel any bottoms made of corduroy just hug my body and legs better, and I’m here for that. The skirt I’m wearing is high-waisted, and its from the only thing is that they only sell it online. Currently on their website, I only see the color I’m wearing, which is in deep plum… I mean that just screams FALL!IMG_2129 2I mean if you guys have read any of my other posts for fall weather, you know I love a good pair of boots, and this pair from is what I call perfect for me. They are faux-suede, and only go a bit higher than your ankle. And, they fit so true to size. For example, I wear an 8 1/2 and oh my gosh my toes can breath oh so well. Also, I will happily walk around in these all day without any pain or blisters what so ever. OldNavy has three different colors on their website with ten different sizes, and two of them are on sale for $40 and one pair is $35. The pair I’m wearing is in the color roasted chestnut, and again another perfect fall color in my opinion. Every year as I get older, I love to see how my choices for clothes change with every season. I feel like I’m finally getting to a place where my choices are very similar, and my wardrobe is changing colors, but that’s my payticular style:)

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