Summer outfits in Fall

Lately in Philly, we have been having really different weather everyday. What I mean by that is on Monday it can be 85 degrees and super sunny during the day, and at night time it’s freezing cold. I call that a weather crisis. Because of that, I’m payticularly staring at my closet longer than usual mostly because I’m not sure how to dress.

But with my latest outfit, I think I had it all figured out. I believe cardigans are a great transitional piece to have in your wardrobe. You can wear them in every season, but less in the summer. They’re still are a great staple for me! My striped cardigan pictured below is from  Now I couldn’t find the cardigan I’m wearing, even though I only bought it a month ago, but all cardigans are welcome in my closet. They comfy:) This cardigan works well whenever, but during the fall time I feel it works even better because of all the dark tones in the stripes. I thought since there was so much color in the cardigan, I would keep my top underneath very simple and one toned. The tank I’m wearing is from again.  I linked similar ones from the website because the one I’m wearing isn’t sold online. Also, this has to be the comfiest tank I have ever owned. I say that because usually when I wear tanks, I feel that over denim shorts, they don’t ever sit well on me. The top part of this outfit works well with the hot and cold weather we have been having lately. I get to stay warm when it gets cold at night, and remove the cardigan when I get too hot. ACS_0031Now if it’s going to be hot outside, I’m not picking jeans from my closet… I want some shorts. This pair is a medium wash, and yes, that’s right they’re from kids. They are my go to for sunny, summer weather. They are called shortie shorts, but they are the perfect amount of short. I have never been the girl to wear “booty shorts” because that’s not my style, but don’t let the name of these shorts fool you if you’re like me.

During the fall season, I bust out all of my boots and booties because they give me some height and keep my toes warm when need be. I also wear booties into winter, but I’m picky about them. I need them to not give me blisters and they need to be comfy to walk in! Am I right girls?!? This payticular pair is from Primark and I wear them with so many different styles of clothes because the color is so neutral. These booties are comfy to walk in all day and night, and I promise no blister band-aids will be needed.ACS_0032

Accessories. Honestly, I just kept it pretty simple with my middle sis necklace that I wear way too much because I’m a proud middle child… and middle kids ROCK! Also, my favorite new fashion statement are hair accessories. I bought this hair scarf from and I can’t stop myself from buying more because I just love the way they look when you wear them in your hair.

Next time your city is having a weather crisis, make sure to have some transitional pieces in your closet. That can be cardigans, booties, jackets, etc. Basically anything you plan on wearing, and being a proud outfit repeater with.

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