Why I switched over to Witch Hazel?

Two years ago, my skin started getting really irritated and nothing would really help calm it down. I talked to my dermatologist and did a ton of research to find a product that would soothe my skin. That’s when I came across Thayers products. But before I was using Thayers, I was using Clinique Clarifying lotion 4, which is specifically for very oil skin. This toner is alcohol based, and contains some witch hazel, but it did nothing for my skin except dry it out and cause irritation. It just felt so painful and I hated putting makeup on because that just made it worse, and even led my skin to start flaking. EWW! With the Clinique Clarifying lotion, I used to use the whole three step skin care line that I was told to use based on my skin type and I have to say, the face wash and gel based lotion were actually pretty good. But it didn’t give me the results I wanted. Now I want to say that just because this toner didn’t work for me, I wouldn’t diss the entire Clinique line because I love their makeup products… especially their chubby sticks, but I will save that for another post.


When I started using Thayers, which I apply with a cotton round on my face and neck, my dried skin started to disappear slowly. Now it wasn’t over night, but it definitely helped. I went for the cucumber scent because of how refreshing and clean it smelled. Plus, cucumbers just remind me of facials and spas. Because of the cucumber and aloe vera formula, my skin started feeling cool and soothed.

Some benefits I really noticed by using Thayers besides healing my irritation were that by using it day and night, I stopped getting bumps under my chin because I was getting the much needed moisture back into my skin…which led to my makeup being applied so much more smoothly. Another thing I love to use the toner for is to see how much makeup is left over after I use my micellar water to remove it from my skin. It’s just a satisfying feeling knowing I’m fully cleaning my skin, and my pores are loving it. A tip I have come across is if I have a zit that isn’t welcome, I press a cotton round with the toner to my skin twice a day and it really starts bringing the redness down and allows the zit to start healing quicker.

So I just want to say everyone’s skin is different. But for me, at the age of 23 I have finally put together a skin care routine I enjoy because I actually see results that I like. Of course my skin isn’t perfect all the time, but that’s okay. Just remember before trying any skin care products, do your research and consult professionals.


  • Aloe Vera formula/ Alcohol Free
  • Good for all skin types
  • Use it twice a day
  • 12 oz. bottles: $10.95 Website, $9.29 at Target
  • They have mists, wipes, lip balms, toner pads, travel size products, etc.
  • Astringents are more for oily skin because they can be alcohol based to clean the skin and close pores
  • Benefits: healthy looking skin, adds moisture to skin, helps protect skin from airborne impurities

Clinique Clarifying Lotion 4

  • Toner for very oily skin
  • Alcohol based with some witch hazel
  • Comes in 3 step skincare routine
  • Many different toners for all skin types: dry, oily, combination, etc.
  • Use it twice a day
  • 6.7 fl. oz.- $16.00, 13.5 fl. oz.- $25.50
  • Benefits: Glowing skin, Cleans away pollution, gets rid of oily skin and tightens pores





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