Favorite Bags of the Season.

You know, a lot of things can be a girl’s bestfriend, but for me it’s definitely a good purse here and there. I’m sure a lot of you have seen so many different styles of purses and clutches this summer, and I have to say I got sucked into many of the styles. I think this is mainly because they’re all so different than bags I used to carry around when I was a teenager. Most of them just work with any outfit, and that’s just what I need at all times.IMG_1568You guys can’t even tell me you haven’t seen these straw bags around. All of the best bloggers have these, and I think they are the most fun accessory to carry around. By that I mean you can fully dress up the handwoven rattan bag with tassels, pom-poms, and pretty scarves. I got mine from Amazon.com for $40, and right now they are on sale for $25. And that to me is a deal I would totally snatch. The bag did not come with the tassels, so I added my own to dress it up. IMG_1592This bag I oh so fell in love with is from Pacsun and I got it for $15!! I really wanted to link it for you guys, but it’s sold out online. It’s called the LA Hearts straw round bag. I fell in LOVE with this bag because well it’s so cute and afforable, but it also holds all of my necessities that I need on a night out. And it’s really heavy duty because I had a lot of stuff in it and it did not feel heavy at all.IMG_1274An easy staple in my life is a chic and simple Kate Spade bag. I have always loved her work and always will. Her bags are something I always carry around because they are so spacious and easy to wear with any outfit, whether it be formal or casual. I bought this bag in the beginning of the year, and it was from an outlet store, so I can’t find a link for it. But any of her bags are perfect for day to day wear because they are oh so timeless.IMG_1180At first, when I saw this clutch bag I was like how can people even use this like what’s the purpose? The whole bag was see through and you can’t even close it, but then I caved and got one for myself. I got mine from Amazon.com because let’s face it you can get everything on there. And, I got mine for $47, which is a lot more affordable than other places I had seen them. Also, Amazon offers them in many other colors, but I just wanted one that I could wear with multiple different outfits. Besides just holding flowers, I have used this bag a lot. It holds all of my basic necessities. Now I wouldn’t carry this bag on a night out, but during the afternoon for a city lunch, it’s totally worth it.

My main thing with purses is of course they should be stylish, but they also have to have a purpose. If I can carry them around with my basic necessities in them fuss free, I know my money was well spent. Anyone else with me on that?

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