Prancing in Pom Poms

Summer outfits are definitely my favorite to style and wear. Payticularly because they are the easiest and require the least amount of layers. I like to look for pieces that are easy to put together, such as colors or patterns that match, but don’t necessarily come together in a set.

Sometimes when I put an outfit together, I look for a simple top and bottom. And when I want to add a pop, I try to find accessories that I know will bring the outfit together. IMG_1551For me, this outfit is a perfect sumer night look. I can throw on a pair of comfy jeans with the slightest bit of detail that match perfectly with my smocked tank top This top is actually perfect to wear with any type of bottoms you choose, and it comes in five different colors. Since both the top and the jeans have white in them, I felt the outfit needed color somewhere. I didn’t want to over do it with the jewelry, and instead I chose to accessorize with a fun bag. If you guys have read any of my other posts, you know I love a chic bag to carry around, but they don’t need to be over $100. The bag I oh so fell in love with is from Pacsun and I got it for $15!! I really wanted to link it for you guys, but it’s sold out online. It’s called the LA Hearts straw round bag. I fell in LOVE with this bag because well it’s so cute and afforable, but also it holds all of my necessities that I need on a night out. And it’s really heavy duty because I had a lot of stuff in it and it did not feel heavy at all.IMG_1573I decided to keep my shoes in the same category as the outfit: Blue and white with stripes. I got them from AVON and they were $14! What a bargain, I know. I love the tie up style and they are very comfy to walk around in the city on cobblestones!IMG_1572During the warmer seasons, it’s just nice to wear an outfit that will keep you looking super fabulous, but not too hot because the humidity in Philadelphia is no joke!

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