Hair Care Routine

For me, taking care of my hair is so important as I’m sure it is for many. But when I was younger, I used to put a lot of heat to it. I would straighten it at 410 degrees, which no one needs to do at 17. However, I did always use a heat protectant no matter what. But since then, I have totally learned my lesson and I only put heat to my hair once a week now, and give it all the right products it needs.

When I say products, I’m talking about natural kinds like fruits, veggies, and vitamins. But my payticular favorite has been coconut oil since I was little. My mom would drench my hair in the oil, and then put it in the tightest braid ever and I would just chill like that for three hours until I washed it all out. The things I have noticed most by using cocnut oil is that it keeps my hair super shiny, strong, and voluminous. But my most positive part of my haircare routine is that I’ve never colored my hair, and I honestly don’t plan on doing that in the future either. IMG_4457

To wash out that coconut oil, I use the most basic shampoo ever. But I do have a dry scalp, and HONESTLY this is the only shampoo I can use and I say that after I have tried many drug store and high end shampoos. prod_ec_2040932802Yes, that is a head & shoulders picture. But I specifically get the one with almond oil because it just keeps my hair frizz free. I’m sure everyone knows this shampoo, and you can find it just about anywhere. Plus, it’s so inexpensive. Now I know it won’t cure everyone’s dry scalp, but for me especially during the winter months, it works like a charm to remove any dandruff.

After I shampoo, I love a good hair mask. I have two that I enjoy using, one every other sunday and I use the other one once a week. Why you may ask? Because of the price of the products.IMG_4453I use this Garnier hair mask every week, and it’s super inexpensive and quick to use. I got this tub for $2.99 from and I have to say it’s a really good mask. I keep it in for a minute after I wash and rinse my shampoo out. I personally wanted to try the avocado one, but they also have many other kinds. What this mask claims to do is leave your hair soft, smooth, silky, and frizz free. I have to say for a minute I was like that’s not possible, but yes it is. It leaves my hair feeling like I’m in a Garnier commerical.IMG_4447Like I stated earlier, I have dry hair so I need to add hydration to it. So let’s talk about the mask I use every other sunday(because of the value). So the one I’m holding is the mask, and it’s the travel size because I’m all of out of the tub that I usually use. This is the one I obviously travel with, but desperate times call for desperate measures. This mask is valued at $55…expensive, I know. But this mask works really well for my thick, dry hair. It makes the texture so smooth, and it makes styling so much easier. I live it in for 5 minutes, and it leaves me with shiny and hydrated hair. Plus, it can easily last me over a year and a little goes a long way!

Taking care of your hair is so important. What are some things you guys do when your hair is looking damaged or dry? Let me know!

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