Polka dotting around Race St.

Patterns and designs are something I don’t usually gravate towards, but lately my mom has been convincing me to wear patterns, and I’m actually very into it. I’ve been adding more polka dots, floral prints, and stripes to make my summer wardobe a bit more lively. I think you guys are going to be noticing that in my upcoming posts quite a bit.

This dress, which I must say fits so well and I love the light brown color(which I also realised I never wear, but actually love the way it looks on me) helps my makeup stand out a bit more. The dress is from Sandwaterswimwear.com ,and it definitely is more on the expensive side, but it doesn’t hurt to splurge sometimes. And, if you use my code:PAYAL50 you get 50% off! They have so many cute dresses and swimsuits on their website as well.IMG_1402IMG_1449I paired this dress with my white bamboo purse that I adore oh so much from Amazon.com I keep on having to find different links for this bag because who I purchased it form doesn’t have the white one in stock currently, but they are all sold for reasonable prices. As for jewelry, I wore some gold necklaces from forever21 because payticularly they have really nice inexpensive jewelry that looks so cute with outfits like this…I find this dress has a really nice flow to it, so anyone would look great, and rock the hell out of this dress!IMG_1335For shoes, let’s be real I love sneakers…a lot. This pair is from Nike, and it has made a lot of apperances on my blog. I got this pair from Kohls.com and they are the comfiest sneakers I own, and I can wear them with a lot of outfits. The only thing is you have to make sure to keep them super clean. I just throw mine in the washer with detergent and some bleach to keep them as white as possible.

I always like to challenge myself when it comes to clothes. By that I mean I try to wear new colors and patterns that I used to think did not flatter my body. But that’s just me being super self conscious, and I don’t need to do that, nor should anyone else.

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