Red , White, & Blue

July 4th, the day America gets to celebrates it’s independence. With that being said, we fly our flags proudly outside of our houses. Since the holiday falls perfectly in the beginning of July, we all know the weather is going to be warm. So whether you go to celebrate at a BBQ or to watch some fireworks at night, this outfit is payticulary comfortable and matches the colors of our flag.IMG_1278IMG_1280During the summer, I want to feel payticularly as free as possible because of the heat and that means no bras, but all the halter tops I can get my hands on. This top is from and I have to say it really is a fuss free top. The material could be a little thick for some people to wear in really humid weather, but it’s definitely perfect for night time fireworks. It comes in many other colors, so you could get the white top and switch up the shorts or accessories. I personally love the detail in the back of this top.IMG_1277IMG_1279As far as the bottoms go, any blue denim or even white shorts will work…or you could experiment with any bottoms of your choice. For the white aspect of this outfit, I just added a Kate Spade bag and my adidas superstars. They are so easy to walk in, and even though I don’t do that much walking on July 4th, I can’t say no to a good sneaker.IMG_1275Lastly, hair accessories. I knew I wanted to try something I don’t ever do, which is wear headbands, but I found the perfect blue and white striped one from The one I’m wearing is sold out, so I linked another one that is just as cute and fun to wear. And, it would definitley add something special to your hair. I love me some fun summer holidays because the weather is nice, ice cream is involved, and there is a ton of quality time being spent with friends and family.

How are all of you celebrating your 4th of July? Let me know in the comments!

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