Fashion forward Into Summer.

Summer is finally here, so that means a lot of sunny days are a head of me and I’m payticularly into that. But let’s be honest, I think most people living on the east coast are. I’ve been gone for some time from my blog because I’ve been stuck trying to figure out what kind of content I want to share with all of you. I think besides outfits, which I love writing about, I’m going to get into more of my obsession with beauty products, and start sharing more reviews of what I’m really into. I hope you guys will be interested in reading those posts as well.

But as for today, I have to share a fun summer OOTD with you guys because that’s when I do some of my best work for myself. LOL!IMG_1177IMG_1179I’m all over this top because I love an off-the-shoulder top during the summer time. These blouses give you a care free feeling when you wear them all over the city. This particular one is a smocked styled top that I got from Hollisterco.comand they have many different designs in the the same style. They’re also on sale from $39.95 to $19.99, which is definitley a bargain!

Shorts… I wear them all the time during the summer because they are quick and easy to throw on, and I can’t deny that. I have so many kinds from denim to flowy…I don’t discrimnate towards them! I got this pair from oh wait you all know the place….  I personally fit really well into their shorts, and don’t feel uncomfortable with the length because I am not your booty shorts loving girl. This pair is also comfy because there is more cotton in it than denim, which is a win win. Plus  if you guys like them, they are on sale from $39.95 to $23.97.IMG_1178IMG_0918Your girl loves going all out with her choice of footwear when the sun is shining bright! I feel these go well with that theme. This year I’ve gotten more into bows on my feet if that is even a normal thing to say? I purchased this pair from I’m not sure if this outfit just seems to have some kind of luck, but these oversized bow sandals are on sale. Cha-Ching!

A girl’s bestfriend can be diamonds AND handbags, too. Well, at least in my case they are. I’m sure a lot of you have seen these clutch bags all over the fashion world right now because I definitely have. However, some of them range starting from $200, and I’m not down to pay that much for just one bag, so I resorted to and found my bag for $47.99. I also really love the white color. I linked where I bought mine from and they have a few other colors to choose from, but the white one has been sold out for quite some time. But, they are all super cute!

For me, summer means more colorful clothes that make me feel happy from the inside out. And I can’t wait to share many other outfits, reviews, and some of my favorite locations in Philly!

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