As much as I love fashion, I also love traveling. My family always goes on vacation every summer, whether that be to other states or abroad. By the time I’m 30, I want to experience as many places and cultures that are out there for me to see. But for this OOTD post, I was in my own city of Brotherly Love. Hey, sometimes you can be a tourist in your city. Do you like to travel, and if so where have you guys been and what is your dream VACAY? Mine is probably Greece or Bora Bora…or both if I’m being honest!IMG_0927IMG_0931For me, this outfit was payticularly out of my comfort zone, but that’s why I love fashion so much. It allows you to try out different looks on yourself, and you never know if something looks good on you or not until you wear it. Am I right? As you guys probably already know, I love a good graphic tee, and this one is from Pacsun. They don’t have the same exact one anymore, but I linked one that is similar. Honestly, they have sooo many cute ones, and I kind of want all of them. As far as the heels go, I don’t have any links to this pair because well they are..old, but I purchased them from Forever21.IMG_3954IMG_0946Now, remember how I said that this outfit was a little out of my comfort zone? Well there where a few reasons why. The first being the baker boy hat because I have such big ears, and I felt really self conscious thinking the hat wouldn’t sit well on my head because of them. But I have grown into my ears, and besides we all have something that we consider imperfect. But who cares because we are all created to be our unique selves! I have to say that the hat has become a new favorite for me, and I love the style… and the way it fits on my little head. LOL! I purchased my hat from and they have a lot of different styles that go really well with many different looks.IMG_0947IMG_0930Let’s talk PANTS! I have to say these pants were my second reason that I felt a little out of my comfort zone. But I did always know that I have a thing for different styles of pants, so why was this pair any different? Fun Fact: After I put them on and saw myself in the mirror, I was all over them. They actually help make my short legs look really nice and long, and who would complain about that… not me! This pair is from Pacsun, but I could not find them on their website, so I linked a similar pair that is just as fun I also wanted everything about this outfit to have its own moment, but I didn’t want anything to clash over other things. That’s why I felt the pants and the hat went hand in hand because of the colors. Also, the shirt got to have its own shining moment too.

One thing I always try and remember is that it’s okay to step out of your comfort zone in the right situation because you won’t know if you’re meant for something until you try it!

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