C’est La Vie

What is Life if you don’t love what you are doing? I’ve heard many times in life that you have to love what you are doing because if you don’t it’ll just feel like a chore. Honestly, no one likes to do chores. I came across fashion bloggers back in 2009, and I think it honestly changed my life for the better. I didn’t start blogging until last year and didn’t fully commit until this year, and I realized how bad that decision was for me. I say that because I feel so relaxed and at peace when I upload and edit pictures to incorporate into my writing. It helps me when I payticularly feel uneasy about situations in life because I can go away into my room and just write. But along with the writing, I love editing pictures…and I have the perfect top that symbolizes the post for today, which I got from Pacsun.IMG_0851I always wondered how I would dress this top. Would there be a lot of accessories? Will I wear it with a skirt or jeans? So many questions, but that is what life is about. However, I just kept it simple with one of my favorite pairs of jeans from Hollister.com and if you guys like super comfy jeans that fit perfectly, this style is amazing. It’s called the advanced stretch low-rise jeggings, which are all of my favorite words when it comes to jeans. The best part is they are on sale from $59 to $29, and that is such a good deal in my eyes.IMG_0850Blooming tulips can add so much happiness to your life. Spring in general just adds color to my life. I love the weather because the fashion game goes up so many levels. I can wear all the open toe sandals I want! This pair of chunky heels happens to be from Steve Madden, but they don’t sell them anymore. So, I linked pairs that were similar SteveMadden.com.IMG_0667I don’t usally buy a lot of sunglasses, but this pair is from Quay x Desi. They’re high key aviators, which are my favorite and I got them from Bloomingdales.com. I love the black fade gradient, and they go with whatever I feel like wearing. Also, I just love Desi Perkins!IMG_0853One of my favorite things to do and probably will love doing forever is walking the cobblestone streets of Philadelphia because it brings me so much happiness. Not being biased, but Philadelphia has so much to offer. Whether that be discovering new history, or eating a FIRE cheesesteak.IMG_0659That is Life…live it fully

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A business student who lives the fashion side of life.

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