Spring Time Blues

The title of this blog is not meant to be taken literally because I’m not feeling down, and no one should during the spring time. Why? There are so many things blooming around us, and we just have to take a minute to look at the things that will bring our spirits up. But the title can be taken seriously when it comes to my outfit. I love to incorporate different hues of blue into my outfits, whether that be in some form of denim or sandals because they payticularly help bring out my skin tone. IMG_0747-1.jpegIn this outfit, I wore a lot of blues and that’s because they all just went really well together. I like how I was able to add pops of tan with the purse and sandals. You know when it’s a warm day, but your gonna eat and drink with your friends all day, this is the go to outfit. The top is from OldNavy.com and it’s a flowy linen blouse that has blue and white stripes. Plus, it also makes me feel so free and comfortable. I don’t have to worry about anything when I wear this because it’s not too tight, nor does it have too much going on with it. I can never get enough of this pair of boyfriend jeans, which I purchased from Pacsun a while ago. But I’ve link a similar pair for you guys Pacsun.com. I mean I can’t ever go wrong with ripped boyfriend jeans because they fit the best at the waist and they aren’t skin tight, so you almost forget your wearing jeans. I also enjoy wearing tops that I can tuck into these jeans because they have so much room to fit any top. IMG_0777IMG_0778Accessories always help dress up an outfit when you want them to. My earrings, what can I say I think, they are the cutest hoops I have seen in a while. These AmericanEagle.com bandana bow hoop earrings are such a different type of jewelry for me. They go really well with this outfit because of all the blue and white. Also, if you guys like them they are on sale right now!! One thing people know about me is that I own a lot of sandals, and this pair from SteveMadden has made another appearance on here. I personally just wanted to walk around without the fear of blisters, and they go with the blue theme of this outfit. This pair is from two seasons ago, so I linked some pairs that are similar to this one, but a little more expensive SteveMadden.com and another way more affordable pair from the best place ever Target.com.IMG_0776YAS spring YAS do your thing! I mean do you see those tulips…probably one of the only flowers I like. Now I know all of you have been seeing these straw bags all over the fashion industry, and I have to say I’m in love with them too. But all of the ones I have been seeing are almost over $100, and I wanted to find one that was more of a bargain, and that’s when Amazon comes in handy. Amazon.com has a bunch of really good quality straw bags, and they’re unique, like the one I got for $40. It’s perfect and super roomy, which allows it to fit many things from your phone, wallet, and so much more. I plan on doing some more blogposts on how I add some flare to this straw bag with other outfits!

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