Spilling the Tees.

Graphic t-shirts, comfy t-shirts, give me all the t-shirts! However, today I’m going to share with you guys how I like to style a simple t-shirt dress. Payticulary, t-shirt dresses are the comifest and easiest clothing piece to wear for me. But, sometimes they need some help depending on where you want to wear them to.IMG_0695-1IMG_0696My pieces to add to for styling this gray t-shirt dress from Oldnavy.com were a distressed over sized denim jacket from AmericanEagle.com and colorful tassel earrings from Astorchic.com. IMG_0693IMG_0698I felt as though the denim jacket gave it a more edgy vibe, but kept the look still casual enough to wear out for lunch. But since I wasn’t just going for casual, I added the earrings because they give this outfit the flare that it needs for a summer night out getting drinks. If anyone is interested in both the t-shirt dress and the earrings, they are both on sale for really good prices. I also ended up buying two of these dresses in different colors, and will be doing another post with the other dress later this summer.IMG_3847As far as footwear goes, I tried to coordinate little details like the silver and blue detailing in the sandals, which match with the earrings. I wish I could link these, but they are from last year’s sandal collection from American Eagle. I wanted to be able to wear sandals that were just as comfy as the t-shirt dress because different parts of the outfit give you a different sense of style, but the goal of my whole look was to be casual and cute at the same time. Sometimes that is really hard to create with an outfit, but I know what pieces of clothes and accessories I feel right wearing and that’s what I go for…whether it be bold like the earrings, or just something simple like this dress.IMG_0658What does your spring style look like? Casual or bold, let me know. I’m definitely a casusal kind of girl.

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