April Favorites.

Every time a month ends, I always come across everyone’s favorite products of that month on youtube or on different blog sites. So, I thought I would give it a try on here. However, I don’t think I could do this every month with new products because when I love a product, whether it be for skincare or makeup, I continue using it forever! Since April is coming to an end soon, I thought I would tell you guys my favorites for the month today.

When it comes to skincare, I payticularly look for products that will help my combination and senstive skin. Because I have senstive skin, I’m prone to breakouts that form really quickly, and I need the right items to treat it.

When it comes to face masks, you can either find the right one or the wrong one, and I’ve experimented with a fair share of them. I used to stay away from glamglow face masks until I found their Supermud clearing treatment, and I love it. They claim it’s supposed to help clear your skin, and make it poreless. Of course it won’t work in one try, but you will notice a difference in your skin as you keep using it.Glamglow.com

  • First off, I have to say it’s expensive. They start at $59.00 and have another size for $79.00. I use the $59.00 one because it will last me so long considering I only use it once a week.
  • It stings as soon as you apply it, but let it sit for a few minutes and the sting will go away
  • It smells so fresh and clean…I love using it for my “spa days”, which are usually sundays
  • I have seen it reduce my blackheads, and congestion around the nose during the winter time
  • Leaves you skin soft and glowy!

So just about three months ago, I purchased Thayers witch hazel toner Thayers.com and I’m floored by it. All I have to do is tap the product onto my skin , which helps get the product into my pores while closing them up.

  • First off, it’s alcohol free it will not dry up your skin
  • They have aloe vera in their products, which helps my skin feel a little cool after I use it
  • They have so many different kinds of toners for all types of skin concerns
  • They also have a variety of products: from toner mists, to soap bars,lip balms, and more
  • The price is just perfect at $10.95 and you can find them at Target!

I have to start off with the fact that I didn’t personally buy the Neutrogena light therapy pen on my own, the people from my work actually gave them out to us to try out. And, I was actually suprised at how well it worked.Neutrogena.com Pay attention to the past tense because there is one flaw in this product.

  • So the red and blue light in this pen are supposed to help bring down a breakout once you place it on the pimple for two minutes. (Honestly, watch some tv while you do this and it’ll take no time at all).
  • I do think this product works amazingly, but the batterly life on it is not so good.
  • You can find this pen everywhere: Target, CVS, Walmart, etc.
  • The price is okay. I would say for $20.00 you should be able to get more use out of it because it’s almost as though for every dollar I got one use
  • My co-workers and I had the same battery life problem after about 20 uses. It just stops working, and there is no clarification on the box of how many uses you can get out of it. Overall, that is the only con for this product.

As much as I love taking care of my skin, I also enjoy putting on makeup when I need to.  Like I mentioned earlier, my skin is super oily, so I need a liquid foundation that will last for at least 6 hours. And, the Tarte Shape tape matte foundation does the job.TarteCosmetics.com

  • The foundation can be found at Tarte.com, Ulta, and Sephora
  • The price is semi afforable at $39.00
  • They have two kinds of foundations: one matter version and the other is hydrating
  • There are a total of 18 shades, so it’s a good range for almost every skin type
  • I love the applicator because it allows you to control how much product you use
  • It stays matte for 6+ hours, which I love!

Since I use foundation, you better believe I need some concealer to cover up those dark circles, and again Tarte is my go to TarteCosmetics.com . I have pretty dry under eye bags , and I need something super creamy to help cover them up. That is when I turn to my Colored Clay (CC) corrector, and I use the light-medium shade.

  • A perfect salmon color to hide blue veins under your eyes
  • Really creamy and covers well before you apply concealer, if you use that too
  • The price is $25.00, and I think it’s priced fairly because the product will last you forever
  • The only con is that it only comes in two shades

I’ve always been a Revlon eyelash curler kind of girl, but I thought that I needed to invest in an eyelash curler that won’t damage my eyelashes as much… I know I’m getting so annoying with these Tarte products, but I love Tarte! I use the TarteCosmetics.com picture perfect eyelash curler and wherever you buy it you get a mini mascara with it too!

  • The price is so perfect at $18.00
  • Curls my lashes beautifully without falling out
  • The curl lasts all day for any mascara applied on top of it
  • I like the grip of the handles as well

Liquid lipsticks are my go to when I want matte lips. The only thing with me is that I have a hard time trying out different colors because I feel like they just don’t look good on me. I’ve been staying in my comfort zone, and have been loving the smashbox always on matte liquid lipsticks especially in the color Babe AlertUlta.com.

  • Definitely matte
  • Transfers a little
  • Price is $24.00, which is a little expensive for just one lip product
  • Doesn’t make your lips feel dry!

These are all of my April favorites. Let me know what all of your favorites are down below because I’m always looking for new stuff to try. I also plan on doing these as often as I change stuff up in my routine, and I’ll probably even add some fashion bits too.

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