Yeah, I’m also jealous of all the beautiful Coachella pictures everyone is uploading right now, but more than the music I’m all about the fashion that goes down in Palm Springs. I decided to take some of the subtle details I loved in the outfits, and created my own look.IMG_0510IMG_3740I don’t know if anyone is into pom-poms nearly as much as I am, but I think they add the perfect flare to a boring pair of jeans. Get this, my mom actually sewed the pom-poms onto this pair. As far as tops go, I’ve noticed really flowy, open clothes that you can dance in and feel cool are the go to(payticularly because like the weather is really hot there).

The clothes are great, but the attention to detail that everyone puts into their hair is amazing. I saw hair hoops last year in Coachella pictures and rocked them all the time at college parties, so I decided to do it again to dress up this braid. It adds something special to my jet black hair by giving it that extra pop, which I’m all about. IMG_3747IMG_3750IMG_3744I would love to say my top and jeans are from somewhere else besides American Eagle, but they’re not. My sandals are from Steve Madden, and I’ve featured them in another blogpost before. They add the perfect amount of height, but don’t hurt your ankles like crazy because who needs that at Coachella or even on a day or night out.IMG_3741IMG_3745Thanks for stopping by:)



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