Tasselin’ Into Spring.

Okay so spring may finally be here, but the weather is definitely not getting much warmer. But I think if I wear more color and clothes suited for warmer weather, then spring will actually be here. I mean how many of you are tired of the cold weather where you live?

I can say that I’m a sucker for fun earrings especially a pair that will help dress up an outfit. I’ve been looking for the perfect pair of tassel earrings that I can wear during the summer, and I love this pair I found at Target (payticularly, the best place ever!) Target.com IMG_3696This collection happens to be a collaboration with Baublebar and Sugarfix .Whether you buy them in store or online, they have so many different styles, colors, and the price is just right at $12.99.IMG_3723IMG_3673IMG_3670

My outfit is just a super simple denim on denim look with a flowy sleeveless white top that you can wear with or without the denim jacket.The top is from Oldnavy.com and it’s currently on sale… and I have to say they have really stepped up their material. I had to put on the jacket because it was freezing. Plus, I wanted the earrings to be the main focus of the entire look. IMG_3663IMG_3731I have to say I’m ready for denim skirts, pools, and vacation. Whose with me? I need this winter weather to disappear ASAP!

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