A Facial a day makes the glow stay!

Who doesn’t love to pamper themselves once in a while? Whether it be a massage or a facial, I love a good relaxing day…or 50 minutes. My go to spot to get facials has to be Ulta. I go there not just because of how close it is to my house, but my favorite skincare line that I use, which is dermalogica is the brand that offers the facials at Ulta.IMG_3651IMG_3657They have a wide variety of facials you can get and they range from prices to time as well.

  • First, you start off with a consultation where the licensed skin expert discusses the main problems you have with your skin:oily, dry, senstive, acne prone, etc.
  • Then they do this thing called skin mapping, which is when they figure out what is happening on different parts of your face: blackheads on nose, acne on cheeks, oily t-zone, and so on.
  • After that, you can feel free to choose your facial : they have microzone for glow and repair, quick 10 minute facials, ultra calming: (the usual one I get mixed around with other treatments), agesmart, and many more that are differently suited for your skin. Ulta.com

IMG_3648IMG_3650IMG_3654From my own experience, I have to say these facials really work well because I’ve followed a routine of four to six weeks. I feel comfortable doing these facials because the skin experts always use products that I use at home, along with combining them with different masks, peels, steams and extractions: (payticularly, my favorite part). My skin has never felt more glowy in a really long time, and that’s all thanks to Ulta facials. What do you guys like to do when it comes to pampering yourself?

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