Let it snow!

For the past few weeks, as soon as I wake up and look outside my window, the entire yard has been covered in snow! That means Christmas is right around the corner, which makes the snow a little more tolerable. During the winter days, I always find it hard to dress up, but I tried to take that idea out of my head and dress up for the weekends!IMG_3498Payticularly, my definition of cute during the snowy, winter weather is a warm sweater with jeans and boots. I can say the entire outfit minus the boots is from American Eagle or Aerie. I know, I need to learn how to stop shopping there! Recently, I’ve been into chenille sweaters and I think you guys have seen another one on my blog before and that was also from Aerie. But this sweater is a little different because of the sheer peplum they added to the bottom of the sweater and with a low v-neck, which I’m really into. I tried to find this online but they are sold out because its half priced I’m assuming. As far as the jeans go, they have so many different ones just like the ones I’m wearing. Personally it was a little cold to be wearing distressed jeans, but I’ve learned my lesson AmericanEagle.com .IMG_3512IMG_3501IMG_3493Let’s talk about this adorable beanie it’s a cable knit beanie that keeps your ears warm and cozy Aerie.com. But the best part about the pom-tastic beanie collection that Aerie has right now is that the pom-pom is removable and you can buy new all different colored ones to match with your outfits Aerie.com. Also, online the pom-poms are buy one get one free! I also think these beanies would make perfect christmas presents or stocking stuffers.IMG_3504The boots are just a pair of tall chocolate brown boots that I have owned for over 4 years, and I don’t even remember where I got them. But, I just thought they went well with this outfit, so I just wore them to also help keep me a little extra warm.IMG_3518IMG_3492Thanks for stopping by:)



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A business student who lives the fashion side of life.

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