Snow Day OOTD!

Snow… it’s fun to play in but then it just gets really cold and I cannot feel my toes. I’m someone who enjoys being indoors all the time when it snows, but during the holidays, Christmas shopping and holiday brunch is a must. I know I want to be payticularly comfy when I’m purchasing gifts or stuffing my face with pancakes! This outfit isn’t just perfect for pancakes, but it also works when you want to play in the snow!IMG_3452.JPGI have to admit, majority of my closet is full of pullover crewnecks and I’m not ashamed. I have tons from my college, harry potter ones, and some just like the one I’m wearing in this post. I purchased this one on Black Friday from Pacsun and it’s from Bandy Melville. It’s really cozy and will keep you warm during these cold months. Also, it’s one of those crewnecks that can be worn with leggings and jeans. I tried to find this exact crewneck on Brandy’s site, but they don’t seem to have it, so I found some similar ones for those of you who are, .IMG_3467 If you have been on my blog before then you know I wear and own too many choker necklaces….oops:) For this outfit, I don’t think you need too many accessories so I kept it super simple and just wore a thin gold choker from . I actually got it for a bargain on Black Friday because it was 40% off and you get 5 in a set. Also, online they are currently on sale from $22 to $11! I really like that the set includes diffierent gold tones and silver ones. They’re also the best fitting chokers I have ever owned because I have a small neck, and I have to be very picky when I purchase them since they can sometimes be too loose. IMG_3461IMG_3451IMG_3469I really wish I could say my jeans were from a different store except ,but they aren’t and I have also featured this pair of mom jeans before on my blog and Instagram! What can I say, they just fit so well and I like to be able to be free when I wear jeans, and this pair allows me to be exactly that! If I’m trying to keep this outfit as casual as I can, my Adidas superstar sneakers are a must to tie the whole outfit together. IMG_3449IMG_3465 I like to stay inside and watch holiday movies during a snow day…What do you guys like to do when it snows, or if you don’t get snow what do you do during the holidays?

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