Fallin’ Into Summer Dresses.

I always wonder how early people plan their Halloween costume because I’ve always been a last minute person. You could say that’s because I’m not the biggest fan of Halloween…but I’m not going to talk about my “costume” yet because that’s for another blog post! I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about the weather here in the east coast in a previous post, and how it has been very warm and no where near fall weather. But I can still wear shorts and dresses, so I’m not complaining. This is one of the dresses I’ve been in love with because of how cute it is to wear during all seasons…and surprise, surprise it’s from American Eagle. There are also many other cute dresses on their website!IMG_3355IMG_3358I thought the outfit was cute, but I payticularly think the little pumpkins are even cuter. So as you can tell by the dress, it definitely looks more fitting for summer. But I feel the colors can work for fall, especially if you pair the dress with an over sized denim jacket and some booties, the outfit screams fall.IMG_3378IMG_3386As for the denim jacket, I’ve shown this in a previous blog post and I love it because I got it in a medium and it still fits perfectly. The nude/sand colored booties are from Primark,  and they are super affordable. I got them for $17 and I cannot stop wearing them. I’m very payticular when it comes to my choice of boots because I hate if they hurt the back of my foot when you wear them for too long. But these are not like that at all I swear!IMG_3361IMG_3383IMG_3354IMG_3359IMG_3352Thanks for stopping by:)



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