Blushin’ into Fall.

Fall is here and so are the pumpkin spice lattes , halloween decorations, and colorful trees. It might be everyone else’s favorite season…except mine. I payticularly enjoy the football season, but not the uncertain weather. I feel like fall outfits are the hardest for me to put together because of the weather. The day I decide to wear a sweater and boots, it ends up being 90 degrees. When I want to wear a cute fall dress, it ends up being freezing cold outside. With that said, I still try to enjoy the beauty of fall as much as I can.  If I’m being honest, fall is definitely when all the cozy and oversized sweaters start to play in. IMG_3231IMG_3233To be honest, it was so hot this past weekend when I was wearing this super wooly cropped sweater from but I just tried to play it off really cool here…and literally I did! Right now in fashion this blush, nude color really seems to be in, whether it be in dresses or jumpsuits. I’m all for it because I think it’s one of those colors that flatters every skin tone.IMG_3210IMG_3230As much as I want to believe fall is here, the green wall behind me doesn’t have any colored leaves, but it’s still so pretty. I’ve worn the jeans in a previous blogpost, and let’s be real, clothes are meant to be worn multiple times people! Especially, if they are as comfy as these jeans! HollisterCo.comIMG_3202IMG_3214IMG_3201IMG_3228IMG_3197IMG_3200Being a city girl all my life, I can safely say I want to always live in the city. Especially in this house, so who ever lives there now… I would like to buy it off of you please?

IMG_3241  I hope all of my readers have a RAD autumn this year!

Thanks for stopping by:)

~Xo (Pay)al


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