Band Tee in the City.

I have to be honest because I don’t think there is anything more fun than just hanging out in your city. You never know what cute little streets you might find! They’re filled with people from all over the world enjoying their weekend with a drink in their hand..those are my type of people. Depending on what I’m doing in the city, I’m quite payticular on my style. If it’s a party, sure I’m going to dress up, but if I’m just going to be hanging out, comfort is key..especially if you want to walk on those cobblestones!IMG_3025IMG_3003IMG_3064My OOTD was totally me if we’re talking about comfort. The top is a RUN DMC band tee, and yes I know the music! I purchased mine from Cotton On and if anyone is looking for cute band tees for any occasion, then that’s the store you have to be at The booties, which are a first time purchase for me because I always found them quite uncomfortable, are from Primark and they’re so comfy and affordable!

IMG_3026IMG_3052IMG_3060Spruce Street is one of the more up and coming sites in Philadelphia. It’s filled with hammocks , fairy lights, ice cream, and views of some historical ships. Totally the place for Instagram. But, I found this little gem outside of all that hustle and bustle. It’s more quiet and residential, yet filled with such beautiful sites. This area is perfect because it’s the city without all of the noises. I must admit that is my kind of place!IMG_3020IMG_3032 Yes, you guys have to hear it again because my jeans are from American Eagle However, I have said I have a lot of favorite jeans, but these mom jeans (that I made fun of my mom for wearing in 2010) are the best jeans I own! They fit every area of your legs perfectly with out being over loose and baggy. I always try to keep the accessories minimal, and the necklace is an everyday wear from Forever21. The bracelets are from Francesca’s and the clutch is from Kate Spade.IMG_3040IMG_3028I had the best day exploring my own city and I would love to know where all of my readers are from, so let me know in the comments..because I need cities to visit!

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