T-shirt dress vibes.

Are T-shirt dresses not all the rage right now? You can wear the slip dresses with any type of  T-shirt from superhero prints to a band tee..I’ve seen them all. For my T-shirt dress OOTD, I had a plain white t-shirt underneath, but here’s a secret..mine came sewn in! I purchased it from Target for under $30, and it’s a perfect dress to wear to a dinner or a night out.IMG_2900IMG_2913Here is a dress similar to the one I’m wearing above Target.com and it’s also the same price I bought mine for. The only difference is the color and length. I could payticuarly be caught wearing hunter green every season because it’s one of my favorite colors. For accessories, I finally got my hands on the crescent moon necklace, which I love because it comes with a built in choker. P.S. They’re my fave style of necklaces! If you’re interested,  they sell so many kinds on forever21’s website Forever21.com.IMG_2904IMG_2914As for my hair, I’m sure you can tell from my last blog post and today’s that I’m really into different braids right now. They look so effortless, yet they give such a polished look.IMG_2912IMG_2939For sandals, I bought another pair of the Steve Madden slide sandals that in my opinion, are a step up from adidas slides. They’re super comfy, and I almost wear them on the regular. I can tell you this nude color goes with everything you wear, and I swear they are waterproof..because I’ve worn these in the rain , at the club, and not one stain gets absorbed! IMG_2905During the summer, I can wear all styles of clothes, but anything paired with a t-shirt and slip on sandals is my go to!

Just when you thought I was done..here’s what goes on during my blog picture takes.

Clearly, I either think I’m a bird or a plane or something with wings lol:)

Thanks for stopping by:)



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