You know when you have to go out for the night and it’s still really hot out, but you can’t get away with wearing any type of shorts or comfy clothes? Well that’s what this outfit is for. I’m not gonna lie this is totally something I would wear to the clubs at college with my friends. I wasn’t payticularly a dress girl when I went out to clubs or parties.IMG_2854Let’s talk about the outfit, shall we. The top is something a little different for me because I usually wear my own choker necklace, but this halter style gives the perfect look of one. I’ve been seeing this style of tops around a lot lately on sweaters during the fall, t-shirt dresses, and even on college football days when girls like me would DIY there school shirts. The top is from Macy’s and I couldn’t find it online, but like I said, you can find them anywhere nowadays. The jeans, which happen to be from American Eagle, are the best pair of white jeans I’ve ever bought. I’m sure people are getting tired of me telling them where my jeans are always from..sorry. They don’t have jeans like this on American Eagle’s website, but I found a really similar, cropped pair without the distressed look..and they are also very cute.AmericanEagle.com

IMG_2862IMG_2851Let’s talk accessories! The only accessory I was wearing were these oh so adorable pink champagne mirrored sunnies. I’ve been looking for a pair of sunnies like this for a while, and I must say they go with any outfit, whether you’re going out or to the gym. Yes, I have done that!IMG_2835IMG_2873I purchased these heels from Steve Madden a while ago, but they have very similar ones, which I linked.SteveMadden.com I can safely say these heels have been through a lot. From Indian weddings to college parties.. they’ve seen some fun days and that’s what makes them a stylish, yet non-blistering pair of heels in my books!

Sunnies ft.my little sister!

IMG_2829IMG_2871Thanks for stopping by:)



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