A day in my city.

13 days into 2017 and it isn’t all that bad. Personally, Janurary is not my favorite month, even though it’s the month of my birthday because it’s so cold in Philly. The cold weather can never stop me from a little shopping in my city! There are so many things that I love about Philadelphia because it has a city atmosphere, but it’s big enough to fit so many different activities and sights. Whether it’s touring historic cites or the shops on Walnut St., I still feel like a tourist in my own city..and I never want that feeling to go away. img_2170Walnut St. is the place you want to be if you want to do a little…actually, a lot of shopping. Whether it be stand alone stores or The Shops at Liberty Place, the amount of cash you can drop down there is scary.img_2130img_2132img_2133The Shops at Liberty Place is a perfectly cute shopping center with marble overload, and I payticularly love anything marble!

img_2129I was not kidding when I said A LOT of marble!!! My purse, by the way, is from Steve Madden. However, they don’t sell it anymore, so I decided to link another one that I thought was super trendy. Feel free to check it out! SteveMadden.com

img_2175img_2147You can never take a girl out of Sephora without buying a red lip.img_2149Well it’s only fair to shop in a two floor American Eagle with the cheesiest smile on your face when you sweater and jeans are both from there! I would have linked them except they don’t sell them anymore.img_2148Here I am, eyeing down HipCityVeg for some of their vegan hot chocolate.img_2158img_2157Yeah, I got that hot chocolate!! After shopping all day in the freezing weather, vegan hot chocolate from HipCityVeg hits the spot. It’s a small,plant-based cafe and they have cute fairy lights..and  I never turn down a photoshoot with fairy lights.img_2162img_2164If you were looking for some more comfort food places to stop at that are only based in Philadelphia, I would try Mac Mart which has ENDLESS ways to eat my 2nd favorite food group, mac and cheese. Of course, I have got to get my fix of stir fry from Honeygrow because it’s my favorite.. I honestly crave this stuff at 2 a.m.!img_2134img_2195At night, RittenHouse square park is the prettiest park I ever did lay my eyes on.img_2154I told you I have a thing for pretty lights and of course, the city of Brotherly Love.

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