Detox For The Skin.

Once the new year rolls around, everything in and on your body needs a detox, whether it be from all those makeup looks you did for parties.. or all of the holiday cookies. I’m not going to get into the body detox today, but I will definitely talk about my favorite face masks. I feel that they help clean impurities off my face and payticularly give me that glow! Photographed down below, are my go to face masks. The Origins one and the rose face and eye sheet masks are all from Sephora. The Giovanni D:tox system mask is from Giovanni cosmetics.


img_2107, Rose Face, Rose Eye, &

During the holidays, I had applied so many types of makeup products on my face that I needed a major skin clear up. So, that is when I use the Origins clear improvements. I usually do this after I steam my face, so it helps bring everything up to the surface of my face. This can, however, be a little drying, so I apply a thick moisturizer or coconut oil. (my current favorite moisturizer!)img_2109

If I’m ever traveling, that is when I prefer to use a sheet mask, and the ones from Sephora  happen to be my favorite. Also, they have such a good range to target different types of skin, and let’s say I have tried all of them! Another bonus is that they are very inexpensive. You can click the link in the first picture to see prices for everything.The rose one I have pictured down below happens to be my mom’s favorite, and I love doing the eye mask before a party to help de-puff those under eye bags. img_2115

Lastly, Giovanni cosmetics is my favorite mask that I use twice a week because it is perfect to help the skin, but also a little light for me to do multiple times of the week. I can definitely say this is not drying, but more hydrating..and this is coming from my sister and I . However, I do not steam my face before this face mask like I do for the Origins one. I feel since I pay more for that face mask, I want to see the best results possible. However, I do have to say that I tend to get breakouts sometimes when I use a detox face mask, and whatever was under my skin pops up right away. I can proudly say that my skin does not do that with the Giovanni face mask!img_2114img_2111

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