A Pout That Last All Day!

During the holidays, all I’m doing is eating chocolate and drinking chocolate.. well, hot chocolate that is. If that happens while I’m wearing a liquid lipstick, I better not look in a mirror after and have to ask myself where did my lip color go? Well if you are also wondering that, stop because I’m here to tell you how amazing ColourPop Cosmetics are! On Cyber Monday, I decided to buy some of their products because of all the hype I have heard about them..and omg it is so real! When I wear lipsticks, I’m quite payticular about the fact that they should be liquid lipsticks. ColourPop has many to offer, whether they are matte or satin, they have endless shades. I also purchased one eyeshadow in seeker, but I’ve never really enjoyed eyeshadow because of my oily eyelids. Since the past couple months, I’ve been using matte eyeshadows and this one is definitely my new favorite.Here are the three things you need to know about Colourpop products:

1)They are inexpensive.

2)They last forever.(Highly pigmented)

3)They compliment every skin tone! swatches

Ultra Matte Lip:Tulle EyeShadow:Seeker
Ultra Matte Lip:Time Square
Ultra Matte Lip:Creeper

Btw, the lip colors are so long lasting that they take forever to come off! I used a face makeup remover oil and coconut oil to remove them.

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