“Fall”ing into Plaid.

Well it’s obvious once fall starts, so do all the plaid style tops. Personally, plaid does not flatter me that well so I wanted to style an outfit that had plaid print, but wasn’t overwhelming with colors. I know that sounds kind of sad because of all the beautiful colors that are showing up everywhere now. But for me, I wanted to find a top that I could also work into winter and not just wear during fall. So, this top in payticular was perfect.plaid1

I also wanted to find an outfit that I could pair along with these new Steve Madden heels.  They are so different in style, I wanted to wear them right away. The top is actually from a store I haven’t really shopped at in a while.. Aeropostale. The top was around $25 Aeropostale.com. The jeans.. wait for it..are from American Eagle and are under $50 American Eagle.  I couldn’t find the heels online, but you can wear whatever heels you like. As long as they are comfortable and neutral, you should be good to go.plaid2As you guys can probably tell, I like to tuck in one side of this top and not button the sleeves. This gives it a more laid-back look to it. Oh, and for the hair I have been in love with braids and hair hoops(which I just take midi rings and stick them in my hair..)plaid3

Fall is also my favorite time to rock a plum colored lip.


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