Stepping Into Fall.

Yes, I cried about it too. Summer is about to be over in a few weeks and I can say I’m gonna miss the heck out of it.. well because it is my favorite season in Payticular. However, with the weather being 97 degrees currently,  you would think fall is never coming. For this fall/summer OOTD, I had to throw in a sleeveless top, but you could easily dress it up with a black leather jacket. fall8

I personally have been really into denim looking everything lately. Especially denim on denim.. yeah, I’m that girl. Well, let’s start with the hat because it’s not something I usually wear. It’s a maroon (perfect for fall)  floppy hat from Aerie. I like the hat because it doesn’t give me hat hair. They don’t sell the hat I’m wearing anymore, but I linked one similar to it for $14 btw. ( The top I am wearing is from Old Navy and I got it on there sale in stores, so it was 30% off regular price. I paid $17 for it and it’s perfect for fall or summer. The top is sold out online, but I found one that has full sleeves just like this one online and in stores.(

fall2The jeans, here’s a shock.. are from American Eagle and probably the comfiest jeans I own because they are acutally jeggings. So, you can do all the yoga poses you want to do in them. My favorite part is that they are distressed and black. I don’t know about you, but I always have a hard time finding jeans like that. So, my luck at finding things in this look online is slim to none. Honestly, you can just buy any black jeans you like for this look. If you need somewhere to start, I’ll link thier website. (

fall3Okay so this is actually quite embarrassing, but these are my first proper ankle booties because I’ve never owned a pair that would fit my big feet. I picked these up at Primark for $11.. not a bad deal at all. Also, they are super comfy and don’t hurt the back of your feet when you walk in them. Now I would link them, but I can’t seem to find a US Primark website. I don’t want to tag the London one because the prices are in pounds. If you have a Primark near you, I’m sure you can find them there in many different colors, too.


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