The Universal Sneaker.

Let’s be real..close to everyone has the white Converse Chuck Taylors because they can be worn with absolutely everything.Also, you can buy them almost,, Macy’, and etc. I decided to pair mine with this olive green halter neck dress. I bought this dress from American Eagle and I can’t find it online anymore, but I’m sure they might have it still in stores . When I buy dresses, I’m quite payticular because I can’t really wear tight ones all the time. It has to depend on the event. When I wear a loose dress that’s quite flowy, I feel the whole outfit should be laid back. Plus, I have seen so many celebrities and fashion bloggers who wear dresses with sneakers. It seems to be a trend that will stick around for quite some years.IMG_1718IMG_1742IMG_1766IMG_1740IMG_1733

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