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Let’s just say Laguna Beach and The Hills were my favorite shows during middle school and high school. I liked the shows for the payticular reasons that the students lived in California, shopped all the time, partied, and of course, Lauren Conrad. I’m not going to lie I still go on MTV and watch reruns. LC has been a huge fashion and cat eye inspiration for me since I was 14. I always loved the loose and bouncy curls she does to her hair, but those are just impossible for me to pull off. I wanted to pick a look of hers that I have done previously because it is one of my go to looks for any event. This look has everything I love like a bam cat eye, highlighter, soft pink tones, and loose waves.


Pictured above, are the items I used to create this look. Before I tell you about those products, I did my regular foundation routine, which I could talk about in another post. For the eyeliner, I have a preference of two that I really like. L’0real 12 hr. infallible, the super slim pen in black, can be found at any drugstore for under $9. I like slim pointed eyeliner pens because they give you a more precise cat eye. If you have a hard time creating one, my best tip is to put a piece of tape at the corner of your eye to help you get a straight wing. My second favorite liquid eyeliner is the Kat Von D tattoo eyeliner in trooper, and this one also has a slim point. However, it is pricier. I get mine from Sephora for $20 (Sephora.com). Currently, I am using the Benefit roller lash mascara,(Sephora.com) which gives me good lashes. It is a bit expensive because it’s $24, but any drugstore mascara will work. I really like Maybelline mascaras a lot.


The Smashbox blush was a soft pink color. After applying the blush, I use The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer for highlighter (Thebalm). For me, the hardest part of the look is getting the perfect pink lip. First, I like to exfoliate my lips and apply a lip balm. Then, I apply my lip color. I applied the NYX soft matte lip cream in Milan and I LOVE these btw. They are super inexpensive, and you can get them at any drugstore for around $6. Yes, they are matte.. my favorite word in the makeup world. On top of that, I used my tarte sample of the energy lip surgence to give me that glossy look LC is sporting. I finished off this look with some loose waves for that perfect LC look.

PicMonkey Collage1


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