City of Brotherly Love Pt1.(OOTD)


IMG_1082Philly, as I like to call it, is home to me. I love places like New York City and San Fransico for the different vibes they produce.  In payticular, Philly will always be #1 to me. On this fine sunny Sunday, I decided to take a quick trip to Independence Hall and The National Constitution center. While I was down there, I wanted to get as many pictures as I could. Since the lines were so long to get in to both historic sites,  I just looked and read everything outside..but I’m not gonna act like I haven’t seen all of the history that Philly has to offer more than 10 times each. For a future post, I want to get pictures inside of a museum.. payticularly the art museum, which I’m sure most of you know is famous from the Rocky movie.When I was taking pictures for my blog, I came to realize how many people actually were staring at me. I was embarrassed at first, but tried to get over it as quickly as I could because how else would I have taken any OOTD pics.


Like I mentioned, the weather was very sunny, but also very hot. I knew I wanted to wear something that would keep me cool while I walked around in the sun. My outfit pictured below is from Target. The outfit consisted of a matching top and shorts. Both where in the $20.00 price range originally, but I got them for half the price because Target was having a sale. The website is not showing them on sale, so if you want them cheaper, buy them in stores. Shorts:(,can’t find the top online, sorry!


For the shoes, I chose my Adidas Superstars..not overrated or anything because they kept my outfit looking more casual while I walked around the city. ( The purse was a gift from my mom, so all I know is that it’s an off white Kate Spade bag from Bloomingdales. For the hair, I just threw it up into a french braid so I wouldn’t get too hot. For more pictures follow my

Thanks for stopping by:)

IMG_1026 2~(Pay)al



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