Celebrity OOTD Inspiration.

One of my favorite things about my culture is all of the Bollywood movies I get to watch. The stories and concepts are very similar to hollywood movies, but a lot more dramatic and there are a ton of catchy songs.As I get older, I don’t just watch the movies for the stories, but I also look at the outfits the actresses are wearing..because they dress in all type of clothing from Bollywood style to Hollywood style. In payticular, my biggest Bollywood inspiration is Sonam Kapoor and if you haven’t heard of her, look her up because she’s so gorgeous..I’m very jealous. So, I decided to start a little series on my blog where I take inspiration for makeup and clothes from different Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities to create my own look. My first look is obviously taken from Sonam Kapoor and I feel like the look I copied was so perfect for the summer time! If you don’t follow her on Instagram or her app, get to it because she’s serious fashion goals. (I never say goals btw) Oh, also if you don’t follow me, get to it:Instagram.com/Payticular

I think her makeup and outfit are perfect for summer because the outfit is white and airy,  but the lip color adds a pop to the makeup look. I would have done a bun in my hair, but that just isn’t possible for me because all my front bangs fall out right away.Here’s my makeup look I put together by examining her makeup for about 15 minutes. So, down below you guys can check out what items I used to create her makeup look on me. Also, I’ll link what I can for you guys.


For my outfit, I wore a dress from American Eagle..the store that always seems to pop up on my blog.However, this dress is not available anymore, but there are a ton of white tops like the one Sonam is wearing on their website. Here is one a little similar to her’s and it’s on sale for $15.98 from $39.95 (AmericanEagle.com). My bralette is from Urban Outfitters (UrbanOutfitters.com), and the wood platformed mid heels are from AVON. They were from a catalogue book, so I don’t know where to buy these. Lastly, my faux blue crystal earrings are from Urban Outfitters as well. I can’t find them online, but I saw them in stores not that long ago, so I’m guessing you can still get them there.





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