Stormy Day OOTD.

I can’t believe my last post was over a month ago..I’ve been slacking. But no worries I have a brand new outfit post, which I shot in Florida. Luckily, I’ve got a few posts to do while I’m here visiting my mom’s side of the family. Before I go on, I have to give it up for two things: my family’s backyard in Florida and my aunt’s amazing photography skills!

When the weather is super gray, which it is atleast three hours a day in florida, I don’t ever feel like wearing a lot of color. I know that sounds super dull, but that’s just me I’m quite payticular. Even though it rains here almost everyday, it doesn’t get cold, so I can still pull off summer clothes. First off, the top that I’m wearing is something  I’ve been looking for everywhere because I love the triangle cutouts with the string near the chest area. I love this bright gray color on my skin tone because it doesn’t wash me out. Now here’s no surprise..I bought the top at, which is currently my favorite duh. Also the top is on sale but if you want it, get it quick because they only have two sizes left.

fl5For the bottoms, I wore my boyfriend jeans which are so comfy and go with any of my tops, which is ideal for me. Also these boyfriend jeans are from  and they aren’t over baggy, which I like because then I don’t look like a parachute.If you do like them, I would have to say there is only one size left on their site..sorry. These are a little expensive, but you can literally wear them for years to come.


Fl2 copy

FlLastly,the heels have more of a thick platform, and are so easy to walk in and really versatile because they are black and brown. So they can be worn with many outfits, whether you want to dress up or dress down. I personally have never owned heels like this before, which I don’t know why. Surprisingly, I bought these in a 7.5 from forever 21. Why is that a surprise? Because I haven’t worn a 7.5 since I was in the 6th grade. I wear an 8-9 size for all my footwear. But, I had to buy the 7.5 because they hugged my ankle the best. I wish I could find them online, but I can’t and when I bought mine at the store, they had a limited supply of them. For my hair, I just used my ghd straightener to get loose waves. Nothing special, but it helps frame my face when I go for a more laid back hairstyle. Stay tuned for a different post on that! So during the stormy weather, I just like to look cute, but wear colors that go with the weather to make them pop more.

Fl4 copy


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